We welcomed spring on March 20, and although it’s been off to a pretty rough start (weather-wise), we have been able to see glimpses of flowers peeking their way through. Spring has always been the time to play with different earth tones, pastels, and of course, flowers.

Although texture, something we don’t think about often, has been making its way back on the scene slowly but surely; embroidery, intricate beading, and sequins introduced in the beginning of the winter months, seem as though they are here to stay. Designers have even incorporated both Indian and African tribal styles of beading and sequinning. This design twist has everyone ready for patterns, textures, and unusual shapes. 

Many luxury designers such as Louis Vuitton and Burberry often mix their iconic prints with fresh floral images, and this past spring gave us some “bug” inspiration with Bedazzled bees and gemmed insects. It will be interesting to see how they incorporate this tribal tone everyone is so into right now. Even our favorite sequin looks have taken a liking to patterns such as chevron and always brilliant plaid.

Paris fashion week

Pictured: Paris Fashion Week: Valentino Spring 2018 Collection

Source: tomandlorenzo.com

Of course, we have to talk about what’s happening in our beloved hair world. Crimped hair is back; this retro 80’s look that never seems too far from our heart, was spotted all over New York fashion week. Simply highlighting that texture is in. Use Aveda’s Damage Control spray for go-to heat protectant when styling, and finish your crimped look with some Texture Tonic, one of Aveda’s newest staple products that gives you a great hold without crunchy stiffness. Headbands and ponytail elastics ordered with a combination of flowers and ribbons were also on the scene in a “ready for spring” introduction. Use lines like Smooth Infusion to get the sleekness you desire as you allow your hair accessories to steal the show. Head gear is also making a bold statement, not just any head covering will do. Trends include floral patterns, textures, wide brims, and even some chic and perfectly placed netting.

This spring will be far from the pastel monochromatic looks we are used to. Look out for pops of color, unusual materials and textures, and lots of patterns!