We are finding so many creative ways to care for our planet and making recycling so much more than it ever was. If you have yet to be introduced to the world of upcycling, please know that you are probably already participating and never even knew. Upcycling is using every day products in new and inventive ways, transforming by-products and waste materials of your favorite items and making new, fresh materials or products all while keeping our environment in mind.

Artists are using upcycling to create beautiful, usable, earth-friendly items. Stylists and fashionistas alike are using worn pieces of fabric and textures to create fabulous, rejuvenated clothing, handbags, and even footwear. It has even become a popular trend in many fashion shows to showcase at least one fashion ensemble created solely from recyclable materials. Aveda hosts a fashion show each year using solely recyclable material and often materials that are found right here in the salon.

During prom season, a popular dress contest definitely trends; students work all year on their fashion-forward upcycled gowns and accessories. Items often featured on their special day are duct tape handbags, soda plastic jewelry, and so much more.

Upcycling really isn’t a far-off idea from how we already live our lives. How many household items do you use for things other than their original purpose? Doesn’t everyone reuse those plastic garbage bags for a quick trash pickup? What about your closet; how many times has a worn scarf become a very trendy belt or chic hair wrap?

This month, I task you in finding a way to help make our world a better place, whether it be recycling, upcycling, farm-to-table practices, adopting a highway, and/or so much more. Post what you are doing to our social media pages @versasalon and win a chance to receive a complimentary color gloss and haircut/blowout service.