Making The Case For Clean Water—Everywhere

Picture this: your morning coffee, the tap water you use to brush your teeth, your shower water, the food you prepare for breakfast—even the ice in your freezer—riddled with deadly contaminants. And that’s just the beginning.

The Perfect Gift

Give Mom what she really wants this year; a Versa gift card, of course. Our salon gift cards can be used towards both services and products and are the perfect way to give that needed “me time” to your loved ones. That little bit of time is really all Mom needs; in fact, it’s all anyone really needs.

Spring: Playing with textures, patterns, and flowers

We welcomed spring on March 20, and although it’s been off to a pretty rough start (weather-wise), we have been able to see glimpses of flowers peeking their way through. Spring has always been the time to play with different earth tones, pastels, and of course, flowers.

Earth Month: Recycling and Upcycling!

We are finding so many creative ways to care for our planet and making recycling so much more than it ever was. If you have yet to be introduced to the world of upcycling, please know that you are probably already participating and never even knew. Upcycling is using every day products in new and inventive ways, transforming by-products and waste materials of your favorite items and making new, fresh materials or products all while keeping our environment in mind.