There is a reason why people believe their hair is who they are and the reason has existed for centuries. Our hair is the fiber of our being; directly related to everything that makes us who we are, whether it be religion, political status, race, gender, personality, and of course style.

Madam C.J. Walker’s silk press, the “Brazillian Blowout, Keratin Treatments, afros and curls, and tons and tons of Braids have all been around the world and survived both lifestyle and fashion trends for centuries. Whether it be the style of warriors, nomadic herders, tribes, or brides; there is always an occasion or a reason that deserves a quick hairstyle. We are all looking for that hairstyle that locks in moisture, creates texture and dimension, and retains length.

Many cultures believe that their hair has a direct correlation to health and how healthy they are. Making sure to only cut, style, or “mess” with their hair only when needed, although; even those who love switching up their style as much as possible want to have healthy manageable tresses.

Everyone wants to be well groomed and healthy and this is a never-ending battle when it comes to hair. The battle often starts with the products we use and the health of our scalp. Every culture has a different remedy whether is be farm rich butter from Africa, Tumeric from India, or chocolate/ coffee from Brazil most cultures would agree that natural hair care and products from the earth is the best way to go when it comes to hair care.

At Versa we pride ourselves on using the best of the best when it comes to hair care and do so by providing all of our clients with Aveda products. Aveda has been an all-natural brand since creation and guarantees healthy hair with constant use. They not only have hair care products; but skin care, makeup, and natural aromas all focused on your health. Many brands have evolved to be more health conscience over the years and make sure that their products focus not just beauty but the health of  you the consumer. If that doesn’t speak on the culture of hair then I’m not sure what does.