Is it just me or is everyone covered in glitter? Glitter has never really disappeared from the fashion scene but it has stayed in what I would call its own category. You would only wear glitter to a concert, Coachella, or maybe your nieces Sweet 16; although, not any more.

With brands such as Fenty Beauty and Wet n Wild, incorporating lush body and facial sparkles into their makeup it has allowed for glitter to stand on its own platform. Making a usually drab and monotone winter into an electric wintery sensation. Not ready for Neon Pink glitter eyeshadow? Try muted tones such as blush pink glitter in the insets of your eyes for a glittery pop, try a highlighter most similar to the blush color you already use giving you a rose or copper toned glow.

Then there is the choice not to wear it on your face at all and instead try a sparkly wardrobe, what is glitter without its cousin sequins. Sequins has made and even bigger comeback making its way on the red carpet and in stores debuting stylish handbags, scarves and mixed knits. It is definitely time to sparkle and shine as bright as you can, there is no other way to beat the winter blues.