Trends we loved in 2017

Trends are the kind of things that you think are cool while they’re happening, they create those we “gotta’ have it” moments and are always great to look back on and have a few laughs or search the closets for a quick repeat. Who knows you might have to become the next trend Rockstar of the millennium.

We have seen many trends come and sadly go, I know everyone remembers the 90’s Furbies, 80’s pet rock, and the always memorable slinky. We loved them, and we lost them without any real rhyme or reason, it was just time for them to go! Although, sometimes a trend just catches on. Enough people thought that these 2017 trends were cool and definitely noteworthy also perfect for our list.

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  • The Year of the eyebrow

  • The perfect contour

  • Kim K and Beyonce’s Wet Hair look

  • The 90’s crop top

  • The Perfect Lash

  • The Pant Suit

  • Faux Freckles

  • Sweats and Heels

  • Combinations Prints

  • Poms, Poms, and Fur

  • Ombre, Ombre, OMBRE!

  • Ripped Denim

  • Marble and Rose Gold Accessories

  • Mermaid/Unicorn Hair

I am sure everyone has a few more trends to add to this list. We hope that if you decided to indulge in any of these “gotta’ have it” moments that you rocked it your way. These trends were just as fun as they sound

We love when people are able to share their creativity and we encourage everyone to be the best possible YOU! I know we are definitely taking Ombre with us into the New Year and forever.