We have come a long way from the velvet sweat suits, but it has made its way back and now everything is velvet. Even our shoes are accented by soft ribbon-like velvet laces. The velvet and crushed velvet look was first re introduced during 2017Spring fashion week. Designers incorporated blush pink, deep magenta, and nude colored velvets to hand bags and cropped tops then complimented them with muted floral prints. This fall we see that velvet is here to stay in playful colors such as electric blues, hunter greens, and hot pinks. These picks are paired with stone washed blue jeans and delicate lace patterns creating whimsical styles that appear super comfy and not over done. Since November is the perfect month to begin playing with textures and comfort, add velvet to your wardrobe or your hair accessories for a change of pace. You might choose to wear a patterned style adding chic texture to any outfit or wear a more relaxed layered style adding depth and a little mystery to your look. It may be difficult to commit to a full Velvet ensemble; we understand, so maybe just velvet scarves to welcome the cold. We definitely know you have to have it, and adding a few more pieces to your wardrobe won’t hurt right?