Aveda has once again blown our minds with their newest Fall/Winter 2014 Collection. When we first received a sneak peek at it we could only describe it one way, Color with Character. Everything from the cuts, colors, styles, and the makeup are soft and beautiful with a bit of edgy thrown into the mix. It is defined by rich softness. It is bold and yet demure.

Antoinette Beenders, Aveda’s Global Creative Director, express her inspiration for this collection, “Every collection has a story, but this one in particular emerged image by image into what feels like a picture book.” The blurred photography has a nostalgic, anti-digital quality, like memories captured on Polaroid film. The women look like characters in the story. When you see the collection, the lush layers in their garments re-emerge in decadent textures throughout the hair; and in rich, hyper-natural hair colors.

It’s doesn’t stop there. Just like a story unfolds page by page, beautiful hair color unfolds layer by layer to reveal depth, opulence and character. The hair colors showcased in the Autumn/Winter 2014 Romantic Grandeur collection invite guests to step into a dream of classic, fabled hair colors revised for modern times with pink-stained ends and dustings of gold.

For makeup, Aveda has created two beautiful looks to inspire guests to fully embrace the Romantic Grandeur Collection. For this season, great eyes are like great heroines- they have strength and softness. For the Red Lotus look, Aveda’s Artistic Director for Makeup, Janell Geason suggest to start with a strong shape, and then blend it out to create soft, feminine edges. The Winter Lilac look will become your new go-to smoky eye look. Turn a new page by layering and diffusing cool and warm colors to build deep, dreamlike eyes that transform and transfix.

This collection is a great source of inspiration if you don’t want to go too crazy with your look, but want something different that will stand out.

Aveda asks you to step into their dream and embrace the splendors’ of a fairytale world.

This amazing collection is very limited so stop by today before it’s all gone!

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