Whether you’re a waxing virgin or a Brazilian veteran, we want to share with you some tips for getting a perfect Brazilian wax experience, and a few secrets from behind the curtain.

A bit of prep goes a long way

Many self-conscious clients make a concerted effort to come to their waxing appointments freshly showered and occasionally with their private area perfumed. The truth is, it’s not necessary to go to that extent, but a quick freshen up with a baby wipe would be just right to prepare yourself before your appointment. To make your experience a bit more pleasant we recommend letting your hair grow 2-3 weeks (about a quarter of an inch) before your scheduled appointment.

Consult mother nature before you make an appointment.

The best time to get waxed is the week after your menstrual cycle when your pain threshold is at its highest. If you are crying at commercials, it’s probably not the best time to get waxed. Which leads into our next point…..

It may hurt, but it won’t last long

Although there is no getting around the fact that it may hurt, an experienced esthetician should manage to keep pain to a minimum. Remember, not everyone has the same pain tolerance- so don’t let the “horror” stories scare you. Some ladies can handle their eyebrows but not their Brazilian, and some ladies can handle a Brazilian but not their legs. The take away is that everyone is different, and keep in mind that it does hurt less the more you do it. Eventually the hair becomes weak, so it doesn’t hurt.

Don’t be shy

If you feel uncomfortable or a little nervous about baring it all to a stranger, know that most people feel the same way. However, an experienced esthetician sees many clients throughout her career. At Versa Salon Spa, we believe that every woman is beautiful no matter their age, shape, or size. We love to make guests feel beautiful and confident about themselves. It’s important for a professional esthetician to build a good rapport with the clients so they will feel comfortable coming back for more treatments.

Little Extra’s

  • Book your service early in the morning before your skin gets clammy from exercise or errands.
  • Stay out of the sun for 24 hours before & after your appointment.
  • Don’t exercise for 24 hours after your appointment to ensure dirt and oil do not clog newly opened pores.
  • Exfoliate the bikini area the day before your appointment with a loofah or body scrub.
  • Pop an aspirin or ibuprofen an hour before your appointment.
  • Let your esthetician know of any medications you’re taking.