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So, you bought a box of hair dye down at your local supermarket or beauty supply store. You thought the color would turn out just like the lady on the box with her beautiful rich chocolate hair or maybe that brilliant blonde color- so you tried it and now you have some serious brassiness going on, or even worse, your hair is now fire engine red! You’re at a loss. Is there anything you can do?

Thankfully, the answer is yes! Versa Salon Spa provides professional color correction services. Hey, sometimes we all take matters into our own hands, but with color…. You really have to be careful. Why? Because a great color can literally takes year’s off of a person’s looks, but a bad one can make you look worse. So don’t feel like your situation is hopeless.

Hair color is like chemistry. The end result is determined by a combination of your starting color, the condition of your hair, and the color you’re adding. The chemical formula of the hair color as well as the experience level of the person applying the color can also influence the end result. Some common hair color mishaps include:

  • Hair color that ends up lighter or darker than what you wanted
  • Color with overtones that are too red or that appear to be orange or brassy
  • Highlights that are too chunky, too much of a contrast, or that appear as “stripes” instead of blending with your natural hair color
  • Hair color that appears to be “faded” or dull

The good news is that you don’t have to settle for less than the color of your dreams. Whether you had a devastating experience at another salon or perhaps a bad experience with a boxed hair color at home, our color correction service at Versa Salon Spa can work wonders! At your appointment, we will examine the health and current condition of your hair, ask detailed questions to learn exactly the color you want, and then we’ll make recommendations for how to repair and restore the beauty of your locks!

After the color correction process is complete, we will be happy to recommend specific products that will preserve your new color so that it will remain beautiful following your appointment. Stress from frequent washing and heat styling tools as well as damage from free radicals and sun exposure can cause color to fade over time. We have a special collection of Aveda color safe hair care products that will cleanse your hair without stripping the color and that contain special filters to protect your color from fading.

Make an appointment with our hair color specialists today!

*An important thing to keep in mind when it comes to a color correction service is that this procedure is done to remove or change unwanted brassiness, chemical damage, of home hair color that has gone wrong. So this may require extra time and/or additional appointments to achieve the final result.