We all know the saying, “you always want what you don’t have”, especially when it comes to our hair texture. If you have curly hair you want straight hair and vice versa. Well good news my curly haired ladies, the good people of Aveda have introduced a new family member to the Smooth Infusion line called Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight! 

Now before we start panicking about the thought of losing our curls completely, it’s not going to completely remove the curl so if you were to want to bring back your curls you can! Instead the Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight effectively “stretches” hair, thus only keeping it straight while the product is still there and returning locks to natural curliness after it’s washed out. In fact, after five consecutive applications of Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight, hair will stay straight for up to three washes!

Here’s how it works: as you blow-dry your hair, plant-derived botanical fibers create locking layer to help hold hair straight. The most important thing to remember when using this product is to make sure you are using the appropriate amount of product and applying it evenly throughout the hair.

We do want to express the excitement that overcame us when we learned that this product can be used for really any hair texture! Whether you have slight wavy hair or are transitioning to natural hair, this product is sure to become one of your favorite hair styling products!


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