Culture Clash Collection

Culture Clash

At the beginning of the year Aveda announced their motto for 2014, “Conformity is out. Individuality is in!” The company has not disappointed yet. With their new Spring/Summer 2014 collection launch at the beginning of February, this season celebrates unabashed expressions of unique personality and distinctive style.

The collection has a distinct boho vibe with a futuristic flair. The makeup collection presents a versatile palette inspired by the colours and textures of different cultures around the world. “Culture Clash is all about the clashing and blending of the bits of custom, tradition and fashion that broadens our sense of what is beautiful”, says Aveda’s Global Creative Director Antoinette Beenders.

For makeup, this means pairing natural, earthy tones like warm coppers and fleshy nudes with a pop of vivid color, for a look that feels fresh and pretty yet sophisticated.Janell Geason, Aveda’s Global Artistic Director for Makeup says “being chic is about having your own identity. Choose natural or full-on makeup. There are no rules!” With cool and soft tones that compliment the metallic copper and bronzes. This collection is great for all skin tones! When using the collection, Janell Geason’s must-have tip is “don’t be afraid to mix and match this season’s colors to make it uniquely personal. Play with the textures and create new textures by using the Color Options Eye Shadow Transformer.”

The Culture Clash Collection was designed to embrace each guest’s unique personality and heritage, without conforming to beauty convention. From intense, vibrant red to beautiful wheat tones and chocolate hues, this collection is “feminine and confident, with a contemporary edge.” Ian Michael Black, Aveda’s Artistic Director of Hair Color, puts it best when it comes to these aw-inspiring shades- “We don’t just have a blue; we have a blue that can turn into any shade. That’s what’s amazing about our colors and that’s what makes this look polished.”

This collection doesn’t stop there. Aveda went beyond just focusing on different shades of hues for Culture Clash and embraced the different textures of hair. It’s about blending textures with our cross-cultural/traveler inspirations. From braids, twists, curls, waves- it’s about being free and being able to do what makes you happy. Just like the makeup collection, the hair looks are an unconventional, yet elegant combination of styles and textures.

The result of this collection is fresh and out of the box for the usual colorful pastels we are all so used to seeing each spring. Not only has Aveda released such an encouraging collection, but they have stayed true to their values. With products made with mostly natural ingredients extracted from jasmine pearls, geranium leaves, and organic spearmint, without compromising smooth textures.

Aveda sees this collection as a dare. A dare for you to explore courageously, disobey the rules, see with new eyes and be true to yourself. Message received and gladly accepted by this salon!

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