Every woman with natural hair texture has experienced the task of learning their hair and what products and styles work best. Fear no more ladies; our team is here to give you some guidance!

The first step we must take is to understand what type of hair texture you have. If you have read any blogs in the past about natural hair types, I am sure you have run across the terms such as 4A hair, 4B hair, and 4C hair types/textures. These characters have been adopted by the “natural hair community” to help ladies identify and relate their hair texture with other women who have similar hair textures. It also allows women to identify products and styles that work best for their hair type. Most ladies with natural hair texture are in the 4ABC type hair category, which are characterized by tightly kinked, coily, elastic strands. They are densely packed and typically experience 75% shrinkage when damp.


Having natural hair is not an easy fete when it comes to styling. Most women with this hair texture will tell you that they experience extreme dryness, which results in breakage and makes styling seem impossible without causing more harm to their tresses. In fact, 60% of African-American women identified this to be their #1 problem! Whether you experience dryness from chemical process like relaxers or from using heat-styling appliances, our team has some tips for helping you improve your hair health and defeating dryness! Kisha, our Master stylist, recommends using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner like Aveda’s Smooth Infusion or Dry Remedy line on your hair, both of these products have Organic Aloe in them and help soften and detangle hair. She also loves using the Brilliant Medium Hold Hairspray when using any type of heat-styling appliances on a guest with natural hair texture. She says “by using the Brilliant Hairspray, I find that it puts a protective layer on the hair and allows her guests to extend their styling reservations.” Kisha adds “the most important thing to remember about defeating dryness is conditioning and moisturizing!” Having natural hair herself, she uses a deep-conditioning treatment weekly. “I love the Dry Remedy Moisturizing Masque”, patented with Aveda’s Deep-Moisture Complex featuring buriti oil, “it leaves the hair soft, supple, and shiny!” Kisha adds using a leave-in conditioner when styling, will also help add more moisture to the hair to improve the elasticity.

So don’t panic ladies, you don’t have to give up hope yet! Though we must have patience when dealing with our naturally curly hair, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for shiny, healthy hair!