Corrective Color

So, you bought a box of hair dye down at your local supermarket or beauty supply store. You thought the color would turn out just like the lady on the box with her beautiful rich chocolate hair or maybe that brilliant blonde color- so you tried it and now you have some serious brassiness going on, or even worse, your hair is now fire engine red! You’re at a loss. Is there anything you can do?

From Curly to Straight & Back Again

We all know the saying, “you always want what you don’t have”, especially when it comes to our hair texture. If you have curly hair you want straight hair and vice versa. Well good news my curly haired ladies, the good people of Aveda have introduced a new family member to the Smooth Infusion line called Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight!

Team-Based Structure: Don’t fear seeing someone new!

Have you ever wondered why you felt guilty cheating on your stylist? Why you couldn’t possibly go to someone else in the salon especially when your preferred appointment time wasn’t available? Why you couldn’t try someone else when a hair style you loved walk by that was created by another stylist? I’ll tell you why, because we as stylists had made your service all about us instead of about you!

Natural Hair Texture: Dealing with Naturally Curly Hair

Every woman with natural hair texture has experienced the task of learning their hair and what products and styles work best. Fear no more ladies; our team is here to give you some guidance!

Culture Clash Collection

At the beginning of the year Aveda announced their motto for 2014, “Conformity is out. Individuality is in!” The company has not disappointed yet. With their new Spring/Summer 2014 collection launch at the beginning of February, this season celebrates unabashed expressions of unique personality and distinctive style.

Aveda Concept Salon in Charlotte

Anyone that has been to Versa Salon and Spa knows the passion and dedication we have for beauty. Located in beautiful Uptown Charlotte, in the historic Forth Ward District, Versa Salon Spa is an Aveda Concept Salon. At Versa, we take pride in our work and love to make our guests feel beautiful and confident! As an Aveda Concept Salon in Charlotte, we understand the true meaning of health and beauty; that’s why at Versa, we strive to provide the highest quality services, in union with high quality products with the well being of our guest and the environment in mind.