Glitter Everywhere

Is it just me or is everyone covered in glitter? Glitter has never really disappeared from the fashion scene but it has stayed in what I would call its own category.


Bangs are back with a bang whether you wear them side swept or blunt you have got to have them this season.Bangs have made a serious comeback on the runways and fashion gurus are saying it’s a must have fashion statement.

Trends We Loved In 2017

Trends are the kind of things that you think are cool while they’re happening, they create those we “gotta’ have it moments and are always great to look back on and have a few laughs or search the closets for a quick repeat. Who knows you might have to become the next trend Rockstar of the millennium.

Happy Holidays

At Versa Salon we love the holidays! We would like to take the time out to wish you and your family a very Happy Holiday and we can’t wait to see you all in the New Year!

Platinum and Champagne

Glitz and Glam Platinum and Champagne are just on time for the Holiday Season! Champagne blond is on trend this season first introduced in the summer as cream soda hair and then touches of gold and bronze glosses made us reach for our glasses and create a little Champagne.

Blue Jeans Hair

A pair of really good Blue Jeans; maybe stone washed or distressed, will always and forever be iconic. There are so many ways to rock a good pair of jeans so why not on your head? Not pants on your head of course, but having your hair mimic your favorite pair of jeans.

Velvet Everlasting

We have come a long way from the velvet sweat suits, but it has made its way back and now everything is velvet.


This Thanksgiving we want to make sure we give thanks!

Beautiful Brunettes

This season our brunettes shine with deep rich tones of honey and dark browns. Subtle highlights reflect the glow and warmth of fall weather.


What’s not hot about the top knot especially this season when it’s all about a scarf and a good turtle neck.