What’s not hot about the top knot especially this season when it’s all about a scarf and a good turtle neck. The sleek top knots that are trending this season pairs well with everything fall. The trick to the top knot is that it doesn’t have to be worn on top. Popular styles on the runway during fashion week displayed half top knots where the hair is parted and gathered at the crown leaving the back to be styled to your liking. Then there is what I call the back knot where all of the hair is gathered and laid to the back creating a low ponytail and then the signature knot. Lastly these knots have been adorned with broche “antique- like” accessories a perfect way to dress up a simple style and elevate an outfit. We recommend using a flexible gel to achieve this look try Aveda’s Confixor liquid gel; allowing you to get the sleek polished look and shine.