Have you ever wondered why you felt guilty cheating on your stylist? Why you couldn’t possibly go to someone else in the salon especially when your preferred appointment time wasn’t available? Why you couldn’t try someone else when a hair style you loved walk by that was created by another stylist? I’ll tell you why, because we as stylists had made your service all about us instead of about you!

The goal as a stylist has always been to grow clientele, because the bigger the clientele the bigger the paycheck. Traditionally stylists are paid on a commission basis; a portion of their services goes in their paycheck. When you mess with someone’s earnings, things can get ugly which is why stylists started claiming clients of their own.

So guess what? You can cheat at Versa Salon Spa team, it’s actually encouraged! Because we truly operate as a team, we are not paid commission so you will experience the highest quality of customer care and performance by everyone, you can sit in any stylists chair without guilt or fear of offending anyone and you can chose the perfect appointment time for your schedule!

Because our staff’s pay isn’t measured by the amount of services and retail sales, be assured that we will only recommend what your hair needs based on your expectations. By paying our team a salary, we can prevent stylist burn out, exhaustion even boredom and employees benefit from advanced training and bonuses which makes for a happier employee and healthier business. So now you can understand why our team based business reassures you that cheating is a good thing!