Mother’s Day gift ideas guaranteed to make her day

There’s no one like Mom—she always has your back, supports you no matter what and loves you fiercely (you know she still hasn’t forgiven that guy who broke your heart in 6th grade). And while she’s the best, she’s also notoriously hard to shop for. So what do you get the woman who gave you the world? Here are a few Mother’s Day gift ideas that are thoughtful, different, and guaranteed to make her smile.

Making The Case For Clean Water—Everywhere

Picture this: your morning coffee, the tap water you use to brush your teeth, your shower water, the food you prepare for breakfast—even the ice in your freezer—riddled with deadly contaminants. And that’s just the beginning.

The Perfect Gift

Give Mom what she really wants this year; a Versa gift card, of course. Our salon gift cards can be used towards both services and products and are the perfect way to give that needed “me time” to your loved ones. That little bit of time is really all Mom needs; in fact, it’s all anyone really needs.

Spring: Playing with textures, patterns, and flowers

We welcomed spring on March 20, and although it’s been off to a pretty rough start (weather-wise), we have been able to see glimpses of flowers peeking their way through. Spring has always been the time to play with different earth tones, pastels, and of course, flowers.

Earth Month: Recycling and Upcycling!

We are finding so many creative ways to care for our planet and making recycling so much more than it ever was. If you have yet to be introduced to the world of upcycling, please know that you are probably already participating and never even knew. Upcycling is using every day products in new and inventive ways, transforming by-products and waste materials of your favorite items and making new, fresh materials or products all while keeping our environment in mind.

Culture of Hair

There is a reason why people believe their hair is who they are and the reason has existed for centuries. Our hair is the fiber of our being; directly related to everything that makes us who we are, whether it be religion, political status, race, gender, personality, and of course style. Madam C.J. Walker’s silk press, the “Brazillian Blowout, Keratin Treatments, afros and curls, and tons and tons of Braids have all been around the world and survived both lifestyle and fashion trends for centuries.

Models Needed!

Be a model! Our New Talent stylist are always looking for cut, color, and style models

Healthy Hair with Aveda’s Color Gloss

Color glossing is the easiest and healthiest way to have hair color that is just as unique as you. At Versa we tailor your hair service experience to fit all of our customers and we handcraft your color experience to the unique needs of your hair and style.

Romantic Looks

It’s always time for a little romance and what better way to show our romantic side then with soft curls and a matching bold Smokey eye. You can’t go wrong with a red lip or burgundy gloss and a sleek top knot. Deep plums and violets are definitely on trend and can give a look some mysterious romance; pull this off with hair color glossing creating tones of these floral colors adding to your everyday style.


This year Versa Salon Love Week will be February 10-17. We will be showing our love this February with our Versa Love Bags and will end our week by going out into our Uptown Charlotte community and donate our time to the less fortunate in their time of need.